1. Silk Hijabs Vs Chiffon Hijabs : 5 Tips you need to decide which one to wear

    Silk shawls are adorable

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  2. sale 50% Dicount

    • 2019 Goals
    • Reflection on the previous years
    • The best things you purchased the previous year
    • Monthly goals posts
    • Fitness routine
    • Travel plans for the year
    • Things you want to let go of this year
    • Word of the year and why
    • Tell us about your Christmas/Holidays
    • New Year outfit inspiration
    • Favorite gift you received over the holidays
    • Books you want to read this year
    • Fashion/Beauty wish list
    • Things you wish you knew a year ago
    • Things you wish you knew as a teen/in your 20’s etc
    • Why/When did you start your blog
    • Valentine’s Day ideas for kids
    • Valentine’s Day date ideas
    • Closet organization
    • Home organization
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  3. Bohemian Summer

    Nothing’s more enjoyable during hot summer days than feeling absolutely free and lost, either it’s in an “adventurous” travel state of mind or, in my regards, fashion as well. You can start by thinking early escapes to the beach, late night dinners and cocktails without any timeline, endless naps and talks with friends, a phone finally in a pocket or a bag instead of on the dining table… Also legs out, arms out, braided hear, big hats and tanned skin. Summer gives me a mood like nothing else. So happy, I can’t even relate.

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  4. Valentino Spring Summer 2017 Fashion Show

    Pierpaolo Piccioli will present his solo, spring summer 2017 womenswear debut at Valentino this afternoon in Paris. Don’t forget to tune in and watch the fashion show livestream at 3:00PM Paris time (that’s 9:00AM New York time).

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